Discover Your Natural Teaching Style

When it comes to classical teaching, there are five roles or teaching styles that exist. We call those five styles The Five RealmsTM. 

We each have access to all five and we each have one that we gravitate towards naturally. Discovering what your home realm is will help you get clear on where you are and where you get to go next. Students learn best when teachers can flex into the different realms based on the learning needs of the moment. This guide introduces you to the five realms so you can identify your natural realm and then what you can do to practice and flex into other realms!

The Five Realms draws deeply on the classical liberal arts tradition and reveals how to live out that tradition in modern learning environments. The practice of the Five Realms works in homeschooling, public schools, private schools, and across all socio-economic, geographical, religious, and cultural spaces. 

Discover where you are in the realms and which one you get to journey to next.

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