The Fellowship

A year-long online coaching program for classical teachers at home and school. Enrollment opens each winter and spring for the February & August cohorts. Session times are available for the USA, UK, and Australia. (See "Typical Monthly Schedule" for details.)

Create Confidence & Joy in your Teaching Practice | Save Time and Money | Enjoy a Helpful Community of like-minded professionals.

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Master the Liberal Arts

Learn the skills and methods for teaching each of the classical liberal arts and the various content.  

Create Confidence & Joy

for yourself and your students by learning to trust yourself & students and flow with the arts & content.

Discover Community

Be in an inclusive community that is committed to authentically teaching the classical liberating arts. 

Save Time. Save Money.

Skip years of trial and error with live coaching, frameworks, done-for-you teacher tools, and student handouts.

Truth, Goodness, & Beauty Today

The freedom and fruit produced through a Classical liberal arts education is too important for good teachers to wade in frustration around how to learn and master this craft! 

Classical teaching is a skill set that anyone can cultivate. There is no secret password or magical wardrobe to unlock. Teaching classically is a practice, governed by a set of principles, skills, and ways of being that you can begin learning today to make a difference in your classroom tomorrow.  The Fellowship is one place you can learn and practice.

A Wise Investment in You, Your Teaching, & Your Students

  • Understand the Journey that every student takes whenever they learn ANYTHING
  • Master the 5 roles a classical teacher can flex into to support their student’s learning
  • Experience the classical liberal arts and how to teach them
  • Discover a plan, access resources, and connect to a community that gets you there.
  • Create results, confidence, joy, and consistency in your teaching practice.

Meet Jennifer Dow, The Fellowship Coach & Mentor

You have everything you need inside of you to flourish as a classical teacher.

  • 11+ years of experience teaching the classical liberal arts, fine arts, and nature studies.
  • Mentored over 130 students.
  • Coached over 200 leaders in building and cultivating communities in how to teach and lead classically.
  • Founder of the Paideia Fellowship and the Paidea Fellowship Academy

Carissa Jansson

My time spent in the Fellowship is birthing in me a new paradigm for how I teach, and for how I consider my everyday moments. I’ve been drawn to the beauty and philosophy of educating my children within the great tradition, and Jen’s coaching is opening up for me an expanded understanding of the roles of hospitality and humility in the quest to embody a spirit of inquiry.”




Deniese Brewer

"The Fellowship has transformed not only my life and instruction style but also the lives of the children I teach. I have been able to effectively apply what I have learned in real life. A few of those lessons and experiences are: freedom in exploring new ideas, confidence in asking questions and providing feedback, honed my craft of teaching using the tools of atmosphere, liturgy, and forms, developed a deeper love of the content I teach, learning to trust myself and the process on the path to mastery, developed a daily practice of mindful observation to see how to create harmony in a given situation. I learned how to exchange micromanaging outcomes and results motivated toward perfection for a graced filled integrated learning experience for the children and the teacher.”

The Fellowship Journey

Step #1 (Optional) 

Schedule a Discovery Call.

To choose whether The Fellowship is right for you. Book a call here.


Step #2

Enroll in The Fellowship. 

You know this is for you. Reserve your space in The Fellowship by enrolling.


Step #3

Orientation & Meet Your Cohort.

Become oriented to the structure and flow of The Fellowship and get to know your cohort.

Step #4

Begin Mastering your Craft.

Begin learning the knowledge, skills, and content of teaching the classical liberal arts, practicing it, and transforming lives through it.

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The Fellowship Program

The Fellowship is your partner in mastering your craft and finding a community of colleagues that are doing the same. Through sound instruction, thoughtful coaching, done-for-you teacher tools, and a like-minded community you will grow in mastery, confidence, and effectiveness in your role as a classical teacher. As a result, you will know how to perceive what your student needs in order to learn and how to meet that need. Every time. 

An overview of The Fellowship coaching program is below. A detailed calendar and syllabus will be provided at the opening workshop.

Opening Workshop Begins Friday, August 5th, 2022

The Summer 2022 cohort for The Fellowship is open for enrollment! Opening Workshop is August 5th-6th online. Book a Call if you have more questions. BOOK A CALL.

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